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Beautiful and classic pictures of Lada race cars. Wallpaper gallery of Lada motorsport racing cars -
Lada VFTS, 2101, 2105, 2107, 110A, Lada Niva Sport, Priora WTTC models and other classic Lada photos.


Classic lada racing car     Lada 110A sports car     Lada 2101 rally car
Classic Lada racing car Lada 110A sports car Lada 2101 rally car

Lada 2105 VFTS picture     Lada 2107 on snow     Lada granta sport cup
Lada 2105 VFTS picture Lada 2107 on snow Lada Granta sport cup

Lada niva rally sport     Lada niva T3 rally     Lada priora racing cars
Lada Niva rally sport Lada Niva T3 rally Lada Priora racing cars

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Information About The Lada Motorsport Division:

In 2008 Lada participated at the WTTC car racing event, driven and built by Russian Bears Motorsport, although
badged as a factory team. The team used the Lada 110 in the 2008 season, but was involved with three Lada
Prioras in the 2009 WTCC. The team gained their first championship points at Imola with James Thompson.

In 1981, Guy Moerenhout Racing made two special trims for Lada Belgium: Lada 21011 RS Sport, featuring
two Weber carburetors and high-quality racing equipment and Lada Niva Dream, having Big wing extension,
bright colors and large wheels.

Lada are currently major sponsors of the Renault Formula One division, entering the 2011 F1 World Championship.
Lada are also a major supporter of the Dams GP2 division, competing in the 2010 GP2 World Championship racing

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Lada priora WTTC car     Lada racer     Lada rally
Lada Priora WTTC car Lada racer Lada rally

Lada VFTS 1600cc     Lada VFTS rally car     Retro lada racer
Lada VFTS 1600cc Lada VFTS rally car Retro Lada racer


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