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kia sorento suv     2010 kia sorento     2011 kia sorento exterior
Kia sorento suv 2010 kia sorento Title

2011 kia sorento offroad     2011 kia sorento     2011 kia sorento wallpaper
2011 kia sorento offroad 2011 kia sorento 2011 kia sorento wallpaper

black kia sorento suv     brown kia sorento     kia sorento 2011 suv
Black kia sorento suv Brown kia sorento Kia sorento 2011 suv

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Some info about the Kia Sorento:

The first model of the Kia Sorento was a classic truck-based with body-on-frame sport utility vehicle.

The car was a good performer off-road, with an automatic four-wheel drive construction featuring low range
gearing. All Sorentos built for the American market featured dual front airbags and dual side-curtain airbags
in the front and rear sides.

The four-wheel drive system was a shift-on-the-fly knob placed on the lower panel on the dashboard.

Three Kia Sorento modes were available: Two-Wheel Drive, Four-High, and Four-Low.
Panel lights show when Four Wheel Drive is activated.

The new 2011 Sorento was introduced in early 2010 as a 2011 generation, and the car has now a unibody
construction. From January 2011, the Sorento is available in 3 models, the LX, EX and top-class SX models.

The SX model is only available with the 3.5L V6 engine. The Sorento LX comes standard with the 2.4L
straight-4 engine and EX has the GDI diesel engine.

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kia sorento 2011     kia sorento image     kia sorento interior
Kia sorento 2011 Kia sorento image Kia sorento interior

kia sorento offroad suv     white kia sorento suv     white kia sorento
Kia sorento offroad suv White kia sorento suv White kia sorento


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Kia Sorento basic specifications:

Manufacturer: Kia Motors
Production: 2002–present
Body style: 4-door SUV
Class: Mid-size SUV; Mid-size crossover SUV
Layout: Front engine, rear-wheel drive / four-wheel drive
Engine: 2.2L CRDI; 2.4L I4; 2.5L Diesel I4; 2.7L V6 LPG; 3.3L V6; 3.5L V6; 3.8L V6

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