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Wallpapers with Australian kangaroo animals, kangaroo babies and cubs. Kangaroo
wallpaper gallery. Brown and yellow kangaroo pictures, kangaroo jumping near the beach,
family and little babies.


baby kangaroo     brown kangaroo     kangaroo and cub wallpaper
Baby kangaroo Brown kangaroo Kangaroo and cub

kangaroo at sunset     kangaroo family picture     kangaroo jumping
Kangaroo at sunset Kangaroo family picture Kangaroo jumping


kangaroo mother and baby     kangaroo running at the beach     kangaroo wallpaper photo
Kangaroo mother & baby Kangaroo running Kangaroo wallpaper

kangaroo wallpaper     kang on the beach     sleepy kangaroo
Kangaroo background Kang on the beach Sleepy kangaroo

Kangaroo Animal Description:

Kangaroos are mammals of medium size and moderately large, with a height of 0.9 m to
3 m and weight from 3 kg to 100 kg, depending on the species and sex.

They are plantigrade animals. Because of their foot size, their locomotion is not comparable
with other mammals. Thus, they are using both legs synchronized to a distance land. They
can be found in Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea. Kangaroo is an animal often friendly,
but becomes most aggressive when it comes time to defend the young, to occupy the land,
or to reproduce itself.

Kangaroo Internet Resources:

The Kangaroo marsupial - Britannica Encyclopedia

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