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Jordan GP formula one circuit car photos. Wallpapers of retro and modern Jordan GP formula cars - Jordan
EJ13, Jordan EJ14 and more cars. Jordan Grand Prix was an Irish-based F1 racing manufacturer that entered
races between 1991 to 2005.


F1 Jordan Circuit Car     Jordan EJ11 Racer     Jordan EJ11 F1
F1 Jordan Circuit Car Jordan EJ11 Racer Jordan EJ11 F1

Jordan EJ11 Race Car     Jordan EJ13 F1 Car     Jordan EJ13 GP Car
Jordan EJ11 Race Car Jordan EJ13 F1 Car Jordan EJ13 GP Car

Jordan EJ13 Racing Car     Jordan EJ F1 Car     Jordan EJ Formula1
Jordan EJ13 Racing Car Jordan EJ F1 Car Jordan EJ Formula1

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About Jordan GP F1 Racing:

The team is named after Irish businessman and founder Eddie Jordan. Jordan and his team were well known for
a "rock and roll" attitude which added colour and character to Formula One in the 1990s.

Jordan's success in lower formulae inspired the creation of a Formula One programme for the 1991 season and
a change of name to Jordan Grand Prix. The first driver to test a Jordan F1 car was veteran Ulsterman John Watson.

In early 2005, the team was sold to Midland Group, who competed for one final season as 'Jordan', before
renaming the team as MF1 Racing for the 2006 season, before being sold later in 2006 to Dutch car manufacturer
Spyker to become Spyker F1 for 2007, and then sold again to become Force India in 2008.

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Jordan F1 Car     Jordan GP Car Wallpaper     Jordan GP EJ14 Car
Jordan F1 Car Jordan GP Car Wallpaper Jordan GP EJ14 Car

Jordan GP F1 Car     Jordan GP Formula1     Jordan GP Race Car
Jordan GP F1 Car Jordan GP Formula1 Jordan GP Race Car


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