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Wallpaper gallery of powerful Japanese sports cars - Honda Acura, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and Eclipse,
Mazda RX-7 and RX-8, Nissan Skyline GTR, Toyota Supra and Toyota Celica wallpapers. Beautiful Japanese
car design, Japanese tuning kits, brief history of each Japanese car model and Japanese car resources.

Click on a gallery to view more wallpapers of a Japanese car - All Japanese car images are in 1280x800 pixels
resolution, this way all the pictures in these galleries will fit most desktops. If you need help in downloading
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honda s2000 japanese cars     mazda rx7 japanese cars     mazda rx8 sports cars

Honda S2000 Japanese Cars Mazda RX-7 Japanese Cars Mazda RX-8 Sports Cars

mitsubishi eclipse sports cars     mitsubishi lancer sports cars     nissan 370z wallpapers
Mitsubishi Eclipse Sports Cars Mitsubishi Lancer Sports Cars Nissan 370Z Wallpapers

nissan skyline gtr wallpapers     toyota celica car pictures     toyota supra car pictures
Nissan Skyline GT-R Wallpapers Toyota Celica Car Pictures Toyota Supra Car Pictures

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Japanese Cars Overview:

When buying a second hand car, surely you'll want to know if the car is reliable. For, in just about any new car,
in the first three years you are less likely to have problems. True reliability is seen after 3 years of use and over
100,000 kilometers.

On this principle is made the next study, the initiators were the British magazine What Car? and Warranty
Direct. Were taken into account about 50,000 cars between 3 and 8 years old. Surprise or not, European
brands have the most problems, but are also the least expensive to repair. On the other hand, Japanese and
Korean brands lead the top in reliability rankings.

European and Asian cars suffer from various problems. While the European cars have especially electrical
system problems, the Asian may suffer at the suspensions level.

Here are the British table results. Are shown the most reliable brands, and the less reliable brands, along
with the chances of having a technical problem during a 12 months period. The cars are rated by a "reliability
program" – a study which takes into account repair costs, car age, mileage and rate of failure.


Most reliable Chance of fault 12 months Least reliable Chance of fault 12 months
1 Honda 9% 35 Land Rover 55%
2 Toyota 14% 34 Alfa Romeo 46%
3 Suzuki 15% 33 Renault 45%
4 Lexus 15% 32 Saab 43%
5 Mitsubishi 15% 31 Jeep 42%
6 Mazda 16% 30 Chrysler 38%
7 Subaru 17% 29 MG 37%
8 Hyundai 20% 28 Mercedes 34%
9 Kia 21% 27 Vauxhall 34%
10 Nissan 22% 26 Audi 33%

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