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Free Jaguar XJ luxury car desktop wallpapers. Download high resolution Jaguar XJ car wallpapers for
your desktop - Jaguar XJ Series luxury car.


2012 Jaguar XJ Limo     2012 Jaguar XJ     Black Jaguar XJ
2012 Jaguar XJ Limo 2012 Jaguar XJ Black Jaguar XJ

Jaguar XJ 2011     Jaguar XJ 2012 Photo     Jaguar XJ Car Picture
Jaguar XJ 2011 Jaguar XJ 2012 Photo Jaguar XJ Car Picture

Jaguar XJ Car Wallpaper     Jaguar XJ Interior     Jaguar XJ Luxury Car
Jaguar XJ Car Wallpaper Jaguar XJ Interior Jaguar XJ Luxury Car

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The Jaguar XJ-Series Luxury Cars:

XJ is the nameplate that has been used on various luxury cars sold by the Jaguar car maker. The first XJ was
introduced in 1968 and the codename has been used for repeated Jaguar flagship models since then. The current
Jaguar XJ was presented in 2009.

In July 2009, the newly restyled XJ was introduced at the Saatchi Gallery in London, with Jay Leno and Elle
Macpherson presenting the new car. The new XJ features an stylish, all-LCD dashboard and console displays.
The dashboard can be set to show various virtual dials in addition to the original speedometer.

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Jaguar XJ Picture     Jaguar XJ Sentinel     Jaguar XJ Sport Pack
Jaguar XJ Picture Jaguar XJ Sentinel Jaguar XJ Sport Pack

New Jaguar XJ     Sentinel Jaguar XJ     Jaguar SportPack on Road
New Jaguar XJ Sentinel Jaguar XJ Jaguar SportPack on Road


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