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Black Jaguar S-Type-R     Jaguar S-Type-R Car Photo     Jaguar S-Type-R Drift
Black Jaguar S-Type-R Jaguar S-Type-R Car Photo Jaguar S-Type-R Drift

Jaguar S-Type-R Front View     S-Type-R Muscle Car     Jaguar S-Type-R on Road
Jaguar S-Type-R Front View S-Type-R Muscle Car Jaguar S-Type-R on Road

Jaguar S-Type-R Photo     Jaguar S-Type-R Picture     Jaguar S-Type-R Rear View
Jaguar S-Type-R Photo Jaguar S-Type-R Picture Jaguar S-Type-R Rear View

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The Jaguar S-Type-R Modern Muscle Car:

Fitted Engines: 2.5L V6; 3.0L V6; 4.0L V8; 4.2L V8.

The Jaguar S-Type is a mid-size luxury automobile that was first introduced at the Birmingham Motor Show in
1998, and was available for purchase since spring 1999. The vehicle was fitted with a variety of petrol and diesel
engines. The S-Type production was ended in the spring of 2008, succeeded by the XF model.

The S-Type-R comes equipped with racing components, which, among other improvements include sport brakes,
special tires, more engine horsepower and suspension setup for better handling at high speeds and cornering.

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Jaguar S-Type R Sedan     Jaguar S-Type R     S-Type R Wallpaper
Jaguar S-Type R Sedan Jaguar S-Type R S-Type R Wallpaper

Jaguar S-Type Wallpaper     Jaguar S-Type Picture     S-Type R Car Wallpaper
Jaguar S-Type Wallpaper Jaguar S-Type Picture S-Type R Car Wallpaper


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