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Dangerous jaguar animal picture gallery, hunting jaguars and baby jaguar pictures.
Download high quality desktop wallpapers of jaguars, cute jaguar cubs, black jaguar.


black jaguar photo     contemplating jaguar     dangerous jaguar picture
Black jaguar photo Contemplating jaguar Dangerous jaguar picture

jaguar baby cub     jaguar desktop wallpaper     jaguar drinking water
Jaguar baby cub Jaguar desktop wallpaper Jaguar drinking water


jaguar hunting photo     jaguar mother and baby     jaguar mouth
Jaguar hunting photo Jaguar mother and baby Jaguar mouth

jaguar resting in tree     jaguar wallpaper     large jaguar photo
Jaguar resting in tree Jaguar wallpaper Large jaguar photo

Jaguar Animal Description:

Jaguar is a specific mammalian living in the American continent. Jaguar's current area
stretching from Mexico, Central America and continues through the southern reaches of
Paraguay and northern Argentina. It is a muscular animal, the jaguar at maturity can weight
from 59 to 96 kg.

Males can reach weights up to 150 kg in record. Length varies from 1.62 meters to 1.83
meters, plus the length of the tail, about 75 cm. Width of shoulders can be 67 to 76 cm.
Jaguar population is in rapid decline, which means that in future they might disappear.
More than 15,000 jaguar skins are removed annually from the Brazilian Amazon.

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