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Jaguar-Cosworth formula one circuit car wallpapers. Wallpaper gallery of classic and modern Jaguar F1 cars.
In 2010, Cosworth returned as the engine manufacturer for Williams and three other F1 teams - Hispania,
Lotus and Virgin F1 Racing.


Classic Jaguar F1 1957     F1 Jaguar Racing Car     Jaguar Cosworth R5
Classic Jaguar F1 1957 F1 Jaguar Racing Car Jaguar Cosworth R5

Jaguar F1 Car     Jaguar F1 on Circuit     Jaguar F1 on Track
Jaguar F1 Car Jaguar F1 on Circuit Jaguar F1 on Track

Jaguar F1 Picture     Jaguar F1 Racing Car     Jaguar F1 Wallpaper
Jaguar F1 Picture Jaguar F1 Racing Car Jaguar F1 Wallpaper

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About Jaguar-Cosworth F1 Racing:

Cosworth is a high-performance engineering division founded in 1958, specialising in engines for demanding
racing cars. Cosworth tryied to design a complete F1 GP car in 1969. The car, designed by Robin Herd, had
a four-wheel drive transmission. The car was intended to enter the 1969 British GP, but its participation was

Jaguar Racing was a F1 team that competed in the FIA F1 World Championship from 2000 to 2004. It was
created from the purchase by Ford of Jackie Stewart's Stewart GP F1 team in 1999. Ford rebranded the team
Jaguar Racing as part of its worldwide advertising campaigns to highlight their Jaguar car company. However,
in the years of Ford's leadership, the F1 division was unable to bring to light its past performances.

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Jaguar F4 F1 Car     Jaguar Formula 1     Jaguar Formula One Car
Jaguar F4 F1 Car Jaguar Formula 1 Jaguar Formula One Car

Jaguar Formula One     Jaguar R1 F1 Car     Jaguar R4 Race Car
Jaguar Formula One Jaguar R1 F1 Car Jaguar R4 Race Car


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