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Free Infiniti M-Series luxury sedan desktop wallpapers. Download high resolution Infiniti M-Series wallpapers
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2011 Infiniti M56 Photo     2011 Infiniti M Interior     Infiniti M Luxury Sedan
2011 Infiniti M56 Photo 2011 Infiniti M Interior Infiniti M Luxury Sedan

2011 Infiniti M Picture     2011 Infiniti M     2011 Infiniti M Wallpaper
2011 Infiniti M Picture 2011 Infiniti M 2011 Infiniti M Wallpaper

Infiniti M35H 2011     Infiniti M35H Picture     Infiniti M56 Luxury Limo
Infiniti M35H 2011 Infiniti M35H Picture Infiniti M56 Luxury Limo

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The Infiniti M-Series Luxury Sedan:

The M name is used for Infiniti's luxury sedans. Initially was the short-lived M45 model, a rebadged version of
the Japanese Nissan Gloria. The next versions, the M35/45 and M37/56/35h/30d, became the top-line of the Infiniti
automaker and are built on the JDM Nissan Fuga platform.

A driving mode selector has been placed as standard equipment on all car versions, found below the transmission
gear lever, providing four selections named "Standard", "Sport", "Eco", and "Snow", allowing the transmission and
engine to enhance driving based on road conditions.

The new M has a look inspired by the Infiniti Essence. While its predecessor's design was described as boring,
the 2011 M has a design influenced by Jaguar and Maserati, as well as a general appearance inspired by undersea

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Infiniti M 2011     Infiniti M Car Wallpaper     Infiniti M Details
Infiniti M 2011 Infiniti M Car Wallpaper Infiniti M Details

Infiniti M Instrument Panel     New Infiniti M Series     Silver Infiniti M
Infiniti M Instrument Panel New Infiniti M Series Silver Infiniti M


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