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Gallery of Infiniti G35 photos - Picture gallery of Infiniti G35 modern muscle car wallpapers for muscle car lovers.
The 2012 G35 model, interior and exterior photos, the car's engine bay and more.


2012 Infiniti G35     Infiniti G35 Car Wallpaper     Infiniti G35 Coupe Side
2012 Infiniti G35 Infiniti G35 Car Wallpaper Infiniti G35 Coupe Side

G35 Coupe Wallpaper     Infiniti G35 Engine Bay     G35 Instruments Panel
G35 Coupe Wallpaper Infiniti G35 Engine Bay G35 Instruments Panel

Infiniti G35 Muscle Car     Infiniti G35 Rear View     Infiniti G35 Rim
Infiniti G35 Muscle Car Infiniti G35 Rear View Infiniti G35 Rim

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The Infiniti G35 Modern Muscle Car:

Fitted Engines: 3.5L 222 kW (298 hp) V6 engine.

The G35 is based on the Nissan FM body structure found on the Nissan 350Z sports car. The car platform
design is such that the engine is moved back towards the back of the engine bay, thus improving the overall
weight distribution - helping in better handling of the cars, especially in cornering. In 2003, the Infiniti G35 was
Motor Trend's Car of the Year and has been well-accepted as a nice alternative to other luxury vehicles.

Featuring the powerful VQ35DE engine, the G35 uses a front-midship engine, with RWD traction (AWD on the
G35x model) to obtain a 52% front and 48% rear weight distribution. Both model versions comes with either a
five-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission. The AWD version of the G35 is named G35x in the US
and Angelax in the rest of the world.

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Infiniti G35 Sport Coupe     Infiniti G35 Interior     Infiniti G35 Sports Car
Infiniti G35 Sport Coupe Infiniti G35 Interior Infiniti G35 Sports Car

Infiniti G35 Wallpaper     Red Infiniti G35     Infiniti G35 Photo
Infiniti G35 Wallpaper Red Infiniti G35 Infiniti G35 Photo


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