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Beautiful and colorful iguana reptile wallpapers to use for your background. On this page
you can find quality and beautiful iguana wallpapers, green iguana, baby iguana photo.


baby iguana wallpaper     big green iguana     colorful iguana reptile
Baby iguana wallpaper Big green iguana Colorful iguana reptile

colorful large iguana     desert iguana     green iguana wallpaper
Colorful large iguana Desert iguana Green iguana wallpaper


iguana head photo     iguana head     iguana on a tree
Iguana head photo Iguana head Iguana on a tree

lizard reptile photo     lizard reptile picture     lizard wallpaper
Lizard reptile photo Lizard reptile picture Lizard wallpaper

Iguana Reptile Description:

Iguanas are lizards that zoologists have grouped in a large and important family, the
Iguanides, which include about 60 genera and over 700 species. Not found in Europe
or in Asia or Africa, they live only on the American continent. Only a few species have
arrived in the Galapagos Islands, Fiji and Tonga, and surprisingly, the great island of
Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.

They live and grow wild in tropical forests (green iguanas), in the wilderness (desert
Iguana) and high areas (Iguana marina). They have different colors depending on
where they live: from green to brown and yellow. They use their powerful legs to swim
and climb trees. Iguanas are herbivores in origin. And they also eat flowers and fruits.

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