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2009 genesis coupe     2010 genesis coupe     Hyundai accent wrc car
2009 Genesis coupe 2010 Genesis coupe Hyundai Accent WRC car

Hyundai coupe race car     Hyundai coupe side view     Hyundai drift car
Hyundai coupe race car Hyundai coupe side view Hyundai drift car

Hyundai genesis     Hyundai race car     Hyundai racing car
Hyundai Genesis Hyundai race car Hyundai racing car

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Information About The Hyundai Motorsport Division:

Hyundai entered motor sport by competing in the F2 race of the WRC in 1998 and 1999. In September 1999,
Hyundai introduced the Accent WRC, a WRC prepared vehcile based on the Hyundai Accent. The Hyundai World
Rally Team participated with the car at the 2000 Swedish Rally and obtained their first top-ten result at that year's
Rally Argentina, when two team drivers achieved seventh and eighth, respectively.

Eriksson later took the car to fifth place in New Zealand and on the fourth place in Australia. In 2001, Hyundai
presented a new version of the Accent WRC, with enhanced reliability, but the speed performance of that vehicle
was not higher enough to compete the four famous racing teams: Ford, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Peugeot.

In 2006, after the announcement that Korea was on records to win a Formula One Grand Prix championship,
Hyundai decided to enter the event. The Korean Grand Prix was first held in 2010, but Hyundai have not entered
that year. Hyundai stated they would be unveil their future racing strategy at the 2011 Chicago Auto Show.

The current strategy for racing are focused around the newest Hyundai rally car, the Veloster.

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Hyundai rally car     Hyundai sports car     Hyundai veloster race car
Hyundai rally car Hyundai sports car Hyundai Veloster race car

Hyundai veloster rally test     Veloster rally wallpaper     Veloster sports wallpaper
Hyundai Veloster rally test Veloster rally wallpaper Veloster sports wallpaper


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Notable Hyundai Motorsports Car Models:

- Hyundai Accent WRC, SR Turbo
- Hyundai Genesis Coupe, Genesis V8, R-Spec
- Hyundai Veloster Rally, Base Hatchback

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