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Hummingbird wallpaper gallery with selected quality and beautiful humming-bird pictures.
You are free to download these nice colorful pictures of hummingbirds as use them as
your desktop wallpapers.


beautiful hummingbird wallpaper     colibri bird picture     colibri home picture
Beautiful hummingbird Colibri bird picture Colibri home picture

copper hummingbird photo     drawing of hummingbird     flying colibri bird
Copper hummingbird Drawing of hummingbird Flying colibri bird


hummingbird baby     humming bird colibri     humming bird flying
Hummingbird baby Humming bird colibri Humming bird flying

hummingbird on a flower     hummingbird picture     hummingbird wallpaper
Hummingbird on a flower Hummingbird picture Hummingbird wallpaper

Hummingbird Description:

Hummingbirds are the smallest birds in the world, they measure between 5 cm and 20 cm.
Humming or humming bird is part of the Trochilidae family. A large family with over 400
species distributed only in the Americas from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, on the sea shore
by high mountains covered with snow.

But most species live in tropical regions of South America. Due to their specific food which
consists mainly of nectar, their flight is more akin to that of moths feeding. High frequency
of wing beats (8-12 beats per second for larger bird species, 20 to 25 for the medium and
up to 100 for the smallest) makes the crow flies to vibrate, and the bird can move with a high
speed and at the same time be able to suddenly change direction of flight, or to stand still
like a helicopter.

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