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Funny and cute frogs, baby frogs wallpapers, green and red frog wallpaper and much
more. Here you can find a download free quality desktop wallpapers of little frogs.


colorful frog     cute frogs picture     cute frog with baby
Colorful frog Cute frogs picture Cute frog with baby

frog in lake     frog on a leaf     frog on glass
Frog in lake Frog on a leaf Frog on glass


funny frogs     funny frog wallpaper     green frog photo
Funny frogs Funny frog wallpaper Green frog photo

green frog wallpaper     princess and the frog     red frogs photo
Green frog wallpaper Princess and the frog Red frogs photo

Frog Animal Description:

There are nearly 5,000 known species of frogs, including toads. They vary in size from less
than half an inch to about 40 inches long and are in a rainbow of colors and shapes. Frogs
are found everywhere throughout the land except in Antarctica. Adult frogs are carnivorous
and will eat almost anything smaller than themselves, including insects, worms and even
other frogs.

With a long and sticky tongue a frog can flick its tongue out to capture its prey with
remarkable speed. The biggest frog is well suited called the Goliath frog of Cameroon.
Reaching nearly 30 centimeters and weigh as much as 3,3 kg. The smallest frog is the
Gold of Brazil. Can grow only up to 9.8 mm small. It was discovered in Mount Iberia, Cuba.
Other small frogs are poisonous frogs. Measuring less than 1cm. Recently, scientists have
noticed a marked decline in the number of frogs and other amphibians around the world.

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