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Ford Escape wallpapers and photos - Country road pictures, Ford Escape hybrid version photos, Ford Escape
driving, in the city and more pics of this beautiful compact SUV.


ford escape on road     2010 red ford escape     2011 ford escape picture
Ford escape on road 2010 red ford escape 2011 ford escape picture

black ford escape     blue ford escape wallpaper     ford escape 2009 wallpaper
Black ford escape Blue ford escape wallpaper Ford escape 2009 wallpaper

ford escape 2011 driving     ford escape 2011 on road     ford escape country side
Ford escape 2011 driving Ford escape 2011 on road Ford escape country side

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Some info about the Ford Escape:

The Escape is based on the Ford CD2 structure, which is further based on the Mazda GF frame structure, which
was initially used by the Mazda 626. Solid rear axles were frequently used due to their ability to sustain heavy loads
while maintaining a comfortable ride and good handling of the car.

The first generation Ford Escape was released in North America for the 2001 model year. It was categorized below
the bigger, truck-based Explorer in Ford's series, but was bigger than the small sport utility vehicles made by Honda
or Toyota.

Even if this car was not built for serious off-roading, a full time AWD system was optional which included a locking
center differential activated by a switch from inside the car. The AWD system usually sends most of the torque from
the engine to the front wheels. If slipping happens at the front, more torque will be sent to the rear wheels.

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ford escape dashboard     ford escape hybrid picture     ford escape image
Ford escape dashboard Ford escape hybrid picture Ford escape image

ford escape in the city     ford escape     white ford escape
Ford escape in the city Ford escape White ford escape


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Ford Escape basic specifications:

Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company
Production: 2001-present
Body style: 4-door SUV
Class: Compact SUV
Layout: Front engine, front-wheel drive / four-wheel drive
Engine: 2.0L Zetec I4; 2.3L Duratec I4; 2.5L Duratec I4; 3.0L Duratec V6

Other online resources about the Ford Escape:

- Ford's Escape website
- Escape hybrid engine specs

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