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Pictures of the Fisker Karma most expensive supercar - Fisker Karma luxury supercar. An exotic car built for
those who knows how to appreciate quality, performance and innovation.


2010 Fisker Karma Car     2012 Fisker Karma Car     2012 Fisker Karma Picture
2010 Fisker Karma Car 2012 Fisker Karma Car 2012 Fisker Karma Picture

2012 Fisker Karma     Fisker Karma Rear View     Black Fisker Karma
2012 Fisker Karma Fisker Karma Rear View Black Fisker Karma

Expensive Fisker Karma     Fisker Karma Car Photo     Fisker Karma Dashboard
Expensive Fisker Karma Fisker Karma Car Photo Fisker Karma Dashboard

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About The Fisker Karma - One Of The Most Expensive Cars:

Average Price in 2012: $80,000 USD

The Fisker Karma is a hybrid-powered luxury sports automobile designed by Fisker Automotive and produced
at Valmet Automotive in Finland.

The Karma is technically a hybrid car, powered by a pair of electric motors gathering a total of 403 hp that get
their power from a 22 kWh lithium ion battery, or a 175 kW electric generator actioned by a 2.0L conventional-
technology unique gasoline engine.

The engine is fitted with a generator to create an electrical bridge to the motors and has also the role of
recharging the batteries, thus, the electric motors are the only mechanical system spinning the wheels.

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Fisker Karma Hybrid 2     Fisker Karma Hybrid     Fisker Karma Interior
Fisker Karma Hybrid 2 Fisker Karma Hybrid Fisker Karma Interior

Fisker Karma on Road     Fisker Karma Side View     Fisker Karma Wallpaper
Fisker Karma on Road Fisker Karma Side View Fisker Karma Wallpaper


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