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Colorful fish pictures gallery with beautiful fish desktop wallpaper images. Digital design
of fishes, poisonous and tropical fish pictures, fish reef and more underwater pictures.


beautiful fish     colorful fish wallpaper     digital fish cartoon
Beautiful fish Colorful fish wallpaper Digital fish cartoon

fish wallpaper     nemo cartoon fish     poisonous fish
Fish wallpaper Nemo cartoon fish Poisonous fish


red fish wallpaper     tropical fish wallpaper     two fishes picture
Red fish wallpaper Tropical fish wallpaper Two fishes picture

under sea fishes collage     underwater fish reef     weird fish picture
Under sea fishes collage Underwater fish reef Weird fish picture

Fish Marine Description:

There are approximately 31,000 known species of fish, the most numerous class of aquatic
vertebrates. The whale shark is the largest fish in the world, it measures about 16 feet at
maturity while at birth can reach 60 inches. Also, they can live even 100 years.

Most fish need to take in oxygen from the water but there are species that can breathe
atmospheric oxygen, some use their mouth to breathe while others do it by using the skin
or digestive system. Fish is the symbol of Christianity, the sign is being used since ancient
times by Christians to recognize each other.

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