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Ferrari Italia Front Wheel     Ferrari Italia Steering Wheel     Ferrari 458 Italia
Ferrari Italia Front Wheel Ferrari Italia Steering Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia

Black Ferrari 458 Italia     Ferrari 458 Italia 2011     Ferrari 458 Italia Interior
Black Ferrari 458 Italia Ferrari 458 Italia 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia Interior

458 Italia on Road     458 Italia Rear View     458 Italia Side View
458 Italia on Road 458 Italia Rear View 458 Italia Side View

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The Ferrari 458 Italia Luxury Sports Car:

The Ferrari 458 Italia is a mid-engined sports car made by the Italian automaker Ferrari. The 458 Italia succeeds
the Ferrari F430. The 458 Italia was first presented at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2009.

The 458 Italia is equipped with a 4.5L V8 engine resulted from a conjuction with Maserati, producing 570 PS.
The engine has direct fuel injection, which is a first for Ferrari mid-engine setups in its street-legal cars. The 4.5L
V8 engine currently holds the world record for most power per liter in a naturally aspirated car engine.

The car's suspension configuration include double wishbones at the front and a multi-link set-up at the rear,
fitted with E-Diff and F1-Trac traction, created to enhance the car's cornering and longitudinal acceleration by
32% when compared with its older versions.

The 458 Italia 0-100 km/h acceleration is under 3.4 seconds, while top speed is over 325 km/h, stated by Ferrari.

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Ferrari 458 Italia     458 Italia Wallpaper     Ferrari 458 Wallpaper
Ferrari 458 Italia 458 Italia Wallpaper Ferrari 458 Wallpaper

Ferrari Italia Car Wallpaper     Red Ferrari 458 Italia     Yellow Ferrari 458 Italia
Ferrari Italia Car Wallpaper Red Ferrari 458 Italia Yellow Ferrari 458 Italia


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