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Bald eagle and American eagle with flag wallpapers. Golden eagle and baby eagle bird
wallpaper. On this page you can get free quality wallpapers of eagle birds.


bald eagle picture     bald eagle     bald eagle wallpaper
Bald eagle picture Bald eagle Bald eagle wallpaper

beautiful brown eagle     beautiful eagle picture     eagle and american flag
Beautiful brown eagle Beautiful eagle picture Eagle and american flag


eagle desktop wallpaper     eagles photo     eagle wallpaper
Eagle desktop wallpaper Eagles photo Eagle wallpaper

funny eagle picture     golden eagles picture     the bald eagle
Funny eagle picture Golden eagles picture The bald eagle

Eagle Bird Description:

Eagle is the largest flying bird in the world. There exist more than 60 species of eagles that
we can encounter in nearly all continents. Eagles are very different from other birds of prey,
mainly are much larger and stronger. The eagles have three times as good as human prey
can even horizons from two miles away from the skies.

They can fly 300 miles without stopping and with speeds reaching 180 kilometers per hour
when it descends almost vertically to grab the fish from the water. Nests, very big and strong,
and they build on top of trees, in which the female deposited annually - in early April - two or
three eggs. Because birds are "family type" (eagles choose their mate for life), the nest is
rebuilt every year, both parents always adding twigs, leaves and stick to harden the house.

Eagle Bird Internet Resources:

Eagle Conservation Alliance

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