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Cute donkey pictures gallery. Free high quality donkey animal pictures. On this web page
you can find and download free quality desktop wallpapers of cute and beautiful donkeys.


african donkey photo     beautiful donkeys     big ears donkey
African donkey photo Beautiful donkeys Big ears donkey

cute donkey     cute donkey wallpaper     digital donkey picture
Cute donkey Cute donkey wallpaper Digital donkey picture


donkey carriage photo     donkey on the street     donkey wallpaper
Donkey carriage photo Donkey on the street Donkey wallpaper

lonely gray donkey     shrek movie donkey     sunrise donkey wallpaper
Lonely gray donkey Shrek movie donkey Sunrise donkey wallpaper

Donkey Animal Description:

Donkey (Equus asinus) is an animal of the horse family, smaller than it, usually gray-haired,
with a large head and long ears, used as a beast of burden and traction. There are about 44
million donkeys today. China has the most with 11 million, followed by Pakistan, Ethiopia and

Some researchers believe the actual number is somewhat higher since many donkeys go
uncounted. Donkeys have a lifespan of 30 to 50 years. Donkeys were first domesticated
around 3000 B.C., approximately the same time as the horse, and have spread around the

They continue to fill important roles in many places today and domesticated species
are increasing in numbers, but the African wild donkey and another relative, the Onager, are
endangered. As "beasts of burden" and companions, donkeys have worked together with
humans for millennia.

Donkey Internet Resources:

National Wild Horse and Burro Program

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