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Beautiful blue dolphins wallpapers for your computer. Free quality dolphins pictures.
Dolphin reef picture, big bottlenose mammal dolphin, jumping dolphins and more images.


blue dolphins drawing     bottlenose dolphins wallpaper     diving with dolphins
Blue dolphins drawing Bottlenose dolphins picture Diving with dolphins

dolphin reef wallpaper     dolphins and sunset     dolphins in atlantic ocean
Dolphin reef wallpaper Dolphins and sunset Dolphins in atlantic ocean


dolphins jumping     dolphins picture     dolphins playing wallpaper
Dolphins jumping Dolphins picture Dolphins playing wallpaper

dolphins     dolphin wallpaper     two loving dolphins
Dolphins Dolphin wallpaper Two loving dolphins

Dolphin Marine Animal Description:

There are about 40 species of dolphins in 17 different genera. Dolphins are marine
mammals related to whales. Dolphins range in size from 1.2 m and 40 kg (Maui Dolphins),
reaching up to 9.5 m and 10 tonnes (the Orca or killer whales). Dolphins are carnivores,
feeding with fish and squid. It is found throughout the world, especially in shallow coastal

Dolphin Internet Resources:

The Dolphin Institute

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