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Beautiful deer animal wallpapers, brown deer, wild deer and more beautiful deer pictures.
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baby deer picture     baby deer     baby deer wallpaper
Baby deer picture Baby deer Baby deer wallpaper

beautiful brown deer     cute deer photo     deer head wallpaper
Beautiful brown deer Cute deer photo Deer head wallpaper


deer herd     gazelle running     deer wallpaper
Deer herd Gazelle running Deer wallpaper

mature deer     small deer animal     wild deer picture
Mature deer Small deer animal Wild deer picture

Deer Animal Description:

Deer is the smallest species of wild goats originating in Europe. Males tend to be larger and
more robust, compared with females. The fur is different depending on the season. In winter,
the fur is thick and long, giving the animal a fluffy appearance, unkempt, with gray or brown-
gray color.

During the summer, the fur is shorter and less frequent, with brown or maroon tent. In the
winter the fur begins to rise in early September and is changed in April-May. Only males
shows the horns, they fall in October-November, but they grow again until summer.

The horns have an average length of 30 cm. Deer spread presents a fairly extensive area,
being found in temperate zones of Europe and Asia. Deer is an animal that is very adaptable,
so it is encountered in a variety of habitats. They prefer forested areas with more vegetation.

Deer Internet Resources:

Family Cervidae at the Animal Diversity Web

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