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Here you can find De Tomaso Italian classic sports car pictures and wallpapers. Old and beautiful
De Tomaso cars, De Tomaso Pantera, De Tomaso Mangusta, Longchamps, Deauville, Vallelunga, Cosworth,
Pantera GT5 and more photos.


blue de tomaso mangusta     de tomaso car     de tomaso cosworth rally
Blue de tomaso mangusta De tomaso car De tomaso cosworth rally

old de tomaso deauville     de tomaso guara     de tomaso hr pantera
Old de tomaso deauville De tomaso guara De tomaso hr pantera

de tomaso longchamps     de tomaso mangusta legacy     de tomaso mangusta racing
De tomaso longchamps De tomaso mangusta legacy De tomaso mangusta racing

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Brief History of De Tomaso Cars:

De Tomaso Automobili company was founded in 1959 by Alejandro de Tomaso in Modena, Italy. At first it produced
many prototypes and racing testing cars, like the Formula One car for Frank Williams' team in 1970. The company
generated a reputation for producing quality sports and luxury cars.

From 1976 to 1993, De Tomaso was in charge of the big sports car manufacturer Maserati, and was producing cars
including the Maserati Biturbo, Kyalami, Quattroporte III and the Karif.

De Tomaso Automobili went into liquidation in 2004, but production of new vehicles was still continued.
The company was purchased by Gian Mario Rossignolo in 2009. The new company plan is to produce three car
models for a total of 8,000: 3,000 AWD crossovers, 3,000 luxury limousines, and 2,000 performance coupe sports

De Tomaso's first public production car was the Vallelunga, presented in 1963. The Vallelunga car had a 104
bhp engine made by Ford, and obtained a top speed of 215 km/h. It was built on aluminium chassis, which was
to become a standard feature of De Tomaso automobiles. The first 5 De Tomaso cars were built based on aluminum,
while production models were based mostly with fibreglass.

Although De Tomaso Automobili is well-known as a manufacturer of performance sports cars, the company also
built luxury coupés and saloons in small number and limited edition cars. The 1971 Deauville was De Tomaso's
response to rival Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz saloons.

The new 2011 De Tomaso Deauville model is a 5-door crossover car with AWD electronically controlled traction

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de tomaso mangusta rear     de tomaso pantera classic     de tomaso pantera gt5
De tomaso mangusta rear De tomaso pantera classic De tomaso pantera gt5

de tomaso pantera racecar     yellow de tomaso pantera     de tomaso vallelunga 1966
De tomaso pantera racecar Yellow de tomaso pantera De tomaso vallelunga 1966

de tomaso vallelunga     old de tomaso deauville     old de tomaso longchamp
De tomaso vallelunga Old de tomaso deauville Old de tomaso longchamp

old de tomaso mangusta     red de tomaso mangusta     yellow de tomaso mangusta
Old de tomaso mangusta Red de tomaso mangusta Yellow de tomaso mangusta


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New De Tomaso Car Models:

- De Tomaso Deauville

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