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beautiful taurus     black cow     black white cow
Beautiful taurus Black cow Black white cow

cow on the field     cows in love     cow wallpaper
Cow on the field Cows in love Cow wallpaper


funny cow picture     funny cow     mountain cow
Funny cow picture Funny cow Mountain cow

red cow wallpaper     relaxing cows     two loving cows
Red cow wallpaper Relaxing cows Two loving cows

Cow Animal Description:

Cow is a domestic animal, a member of the Ruminantia suborder, ruminants and Bovidae
family, which is part of the largest cattle. Cows are raised for meat, skin, and milk, and as
an animal for traction. Cattle are revered in Hindu religion in India.

According to Vedic scriptures cows must be treated with equal respect as mothers because
they give milk. Worldwide there are 1.3 billion cows. Africa has about 20 million, many of
which are elevated to the rank of a symbol of their owner's wealth.

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