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Download quality wallpapers of beautiful old Fiat cars - Classic Fiat 500, old Fiat 124 spider, Fiat 850
special, the beautiful 750 GT coupe, Zagato Ottovu and more Fiat wallpapers.


blue fiat 850 spider     blue fiat 850     classic fiat 500 car
Blue fiat 850 spider Blue fiat 850 Classic fiat 500 car

blue fiat 850 spider     classic fiat coupe     classic fiat ottovu
Blue fiat 850 spider Classic fiat coupe Classic fiat ottovu

classic fiat picture     classic red fiat 500     fiat 124 sst
Classic fiat picture Classic red fiat 500 Fiat 124 sst

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Brief History of Fiat Cars:

Giovanni Agnelli founded the Fiat automobile company in 1899 helped by various investors, and led the company
until 1945, when he dies. Its first car built was the Fiat 3.5 CV, also named the Fiat 4 HP (only 8 cars were built),
which resembled the old Mercedes-Benz, and was equipped with a 697cc boxer twin engine.

In 1903, Fiat produced its first truck vehicle. In 1908, the first Fiat car was exported to the United States, and in
the same year, the first Fiat aircraft engine was developed. By 1910, Fiat was the biggest car company in Italy -
a position that still holds today.

Because the WWI in 1917, the automobile factory was shut down and had to redesign all of its factories for
producing aircrafts, engines, machine guns, trucks, and ambulances.

In 1922, Fiat began to build the famous Lingotto car factory which opened its doors in 1923. By 1925, Fiat
controlled most of the Italian automobile market. In 1928, with the new Fiat 509, the company included insurance
with every car purchase.

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fiat 124     fiat 750 gt coupe     fiat 850 engine bay
Fiat 124 Fiat 750 gt coupe Fiat 850 engine bay

fiat 850 special     fiat dino rm     fiat zagato ottovu
Fiat 850 special Fiat dino rm Fiat zagato ottovu

old fiat 1300     ottovu car     red fiat 124 spider
Old fiat 1300 Ottovu car Red fiat 124 spider

red fiat dino spider     red fiat ottovu     silver ottovu 8v
Red fiat dino spider Red fiat ottovu Silver ottovu 8v


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New Fiat Car Models:

- Fiat Panda
- Fiat 500
- Fiat Uno
- Fiat Tipo
- Fiat Punto
- Fiat Bravo / Brava

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