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Citroen C4 motorsport     Citroen C4 wrc car     Citroen DS3 rally car
Citroen C4 motorsport Citroen C4 WRC car Citroen DS3 rally car

Citroen hymotion concept     Citroen race car picture     Citroen race car
Citroen Hymotion concept Citroen race car picture Citroen race car

Citroen race wallpaper     Citroen racing wallpaper     Citroen sports car
Citroen race wallpaper Citroen racing wallpaper Citroen sports car

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Information About The Citroen Motorsport Division:

Citroen has a long history of racing in motorsport. They began in the 1920s and continues today with Citroen's
successful cars in the WRC. The 2006 WRC 1st place has been taken by a Xsara.

Rally Raids: In the 1960s Citroen held 2CV Rally ‘Raids’, which was an endurance test over thousands of miles
on many continents. These races were contested by lots of 2CVs and derivatives.

2CV Cross: In the 1970s came 2CV Cross – off-road racing for 2CVs, organised by Citroen and watched by
many enthusiastic spectators all over the Europe. Today a 2CV Cross race is still held in France, the meetings
are very popular for contestants and passionate spectators.

2CV Circuit Racing: In the 1980s 2CV circuit racing started both in France and Belgium. The first 2CV 24-hour
race was held in the Spa Francorchamps area in Belgium. This contest has now over twenty years of history,
with participants from all over Europe.

In 1988 a few motor-sport passionate 2CV drivers went from the United Kingdom to watch the racing event
at Spa Francorchamps and came back amazed and keen to begin racing. The 2CV Racing Club was created
and the first UK race was held at Mallory Park in 1989.

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Citroen wrc hymotion     Hymotion wrc C4     Rally wrc citroen C4
Citroen WRC Hymotion Hymotion WRC C4 Rally WRC Citroen C4

Red wrc C4 rally     WRC citroen rally     Xara wrc rally car
Red WRC C4 rally WRC Citroen rally Xara WRC rally car


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Notable Citroen Motorsports Car Models:

- Citroen 2CV
- Citroen DS-19S, DS3
- Citroen CX 2400, GTI and many other series
- Citroen ZXs
- Citroen T4, Xsara WRC
- Citroen C2 WRC
- Citroen C4 WRC

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- Citroen in Motor Sport 7 decades of sporting success
- Citroen Motorsport Car Models

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