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Download Chevrolet Equinox car wallpapers. Equinox interior and dashboard photos, Equinox and villa, on
country road and more.


2008 chevrolet equinox interior     2010 chevrolet equinox     chevrolet equinox 2011 wallpaper
2008 chevrolet equinox interior 2010 chevrolet equinox Chevrolet equinox 2011

chevrolet equinox country     chevrolet equinox dashboard     chevrolet equinox image
Chevrolet equinox country Chevrolet equinox dashboard Chevrolet equinox image

equinox interior view     chevrolet equinox near villa     chevrolet equinox on road
Equinox interior view Chevrolet equinox near villa Chevrolet equinox on road

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Some info about the Chevrolet Equinox:

Equinox is the first crossover vehicle from Chevrolet, sold by General Motors as a compact SUV. Based on the
GM's Theta platform, the Equinox body is very similar to the GMC Terrain SUV.

The 3.4L V6 engine is manufactured in China, while the automatic transmission for this engine is made in Japan.
Since 2008, the Equinox Sport was marketed with a 3.6L V6 engine, this time manufactured in the United States.

Chevrolet Equinox Fuel cell vehicle take advantage of hydrogen for fuel with water. The fuel cell is build to last for
only 80,000 km of use, but is designed to function in sub-zero temperatures throughout its entire life.

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chevrolet equinox motor show     chevrolet equinox suv interior     chevrolet equinox suv
Chevrolet equinox motor show Chevrolet equinox suv interior Chevrolet equinox suv

chevrolet equinox     chevrolet equinox wallpaper     silver chevrolet equinox
Chevrolet equinox Chevrolet equinox wallpaper Silver chevrolet equinox


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Chevrolet Equinox basic specifications:

Manufacturer: CAMI Automotive
Production: 2004–present
Body style: 4-Door Crossover
Class: Mid-size crossover SUV
Layout: Front engine, front-wheel drive / four-wheel drive
Engine: 2.4L direct injection; 3.0L direct injection V6; 3.4L V6; 3.6L V6

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