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Wallpapers of cute cats. Funny and cute cats wallpapers gallery, baby cats, big cats.
Sister cats, sleepy cats, funny little cats, big felines, fat cat, little kitties, mother and baby cat
and more cute little cats.


beautiful cat and piano     cat and purple flowers     cat mother and baby
Beautiful cat and piano Cat and purple flowers Cat mother and baby

cute little cat     cute sleepy cat     fat cat and heart shape
Cute little cat Cute sleepy cat Fat cat and heart shape


little baby cat     little cats fighting     red cat looking at fish
Little baby cat Little cats fighting Red cat looking at fish

sleepy cat     three cats wallpaper     two sister cats
Sleepy cat Three cats wallpaper Two sister cats

Cat Animal Description:

House cat or domestic cat is a mammal of the order carnivore, feline family Felidae. It is
associated with people over 9500 years and is now best known worldwide as a domestic
animal. Cat lives in close touch with the people from at least 3,500 years, being used by the
Egyptians to take away the mice.

Despite domestication, the cat has not lost the ability to live in the wild, where they form
colonies. At home, cat hunts at dawn or at night, which led to his senses and develop a
different perception of the universe of people who at one time even supernatural powers
were attributed. Man talk about cats who have predicted earthquakes and other disasters,
the probable explanation being that their ear is able to perceive vibrations that people
ignore them.

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