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Capricorn or capricornus mythical animal from the zodiac. Capricorn symbol wallpaper
and wild goat representation. On this page you can get free capricorn desktop backgrounds.


capricorn animal photo     capricorn digital wallpaper     capricorn goat animal
Capricorn animal photo Capricorn digital wallpaper Capricorn goat animal

capricorn goat     capricorn picture symbol     capricorn symbol picture
Capricorn goat Capricorn picture symbol Capricorn symbol picture


capricornus     capricorn zodiac sign     capricorn zodiac wallpaper
Capricornus Capricorn zodiac sign Capricorn zodiac wallpaper

goat capricorn     mountain capricorn     wild capricorn
Goat capricorn Mountain capricorn Wild capricorn

Capricorn Animal Description:

The capricorn is the 10 th. astrologic symbol in the zodiac. The name is from the constellation
of capricornus. The capricorn sign is depicted by a goat with a fish tail. Mythology says that
the goat god was attacked by the Typhon monster and the goat hide into the Nile, so the
upper side remains a goat, while the underwater part has transformed into fish.

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