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Camel animal wallpaper images. Sahara camel wallpaper, sunset, landscape and more
images. Here you can freely download beautiful desktop wallpapers with camels.


asian camels picture     camel at sunset     camel face photo
Asian camels picture Camel at sunset Camel face photo

camel in desert photo     camels on sand     camels reflection
Camel in desert photo Camels on sand Camels reflection


camels the three wisemen     camel with baby     desert camels wallpaper
Camels the three wisemen Camel with baby Desert camels wallpaper

lonely camel landscape     resting camel photo     sahara camel caravan
Lonely camel landscape Resting camel photo Sahara camel caravan

Camel Animal Description:

Camel is a large ruminant herbivorous mammal spread in North Africa and Asia. Camel
has a fat hump or two humps on its back. It is used to transport people to the desert
regions. Camel can travel long distances without food or water being adapted to desert

The secret is just hump, where camel can accumulate food as fat, which can withstand
without feeding for up to 30 days. Reserve the water accumulated in the stomach of a
camel can reach a quantity of between 100 and 150 liters, enough for 2 weeks.
The camel can drink in 10 minutes a quantity of 100 liters of water.

Camel Internet Resources:

National Camel Research Centre

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