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Free photos and wallpapers of the BMW X6 SUV. Quality interior and exterior pictures of the new BMW X6.


2010 bmw x6     black bmw x6     bmw x6 car background
2010 bmw x6 Black bmw x6 Bmw x6 car background

bmw x6 interior     bmw x6 offroad     bmw x6 picture
Bmw x6 interior Bmw x6 offroad Bmw x6 picture

bmw x6 rear view     bmw x6 side view     bmw x6 suv image
Bmw x6 rear view Bmw x6 side view Bmw x6 suv image

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Some info about the BMW X6:

The BMW X6 is a medium luxury crossover SUV available for purchase since 2008 from the German automaker
BMW. The X6 was sold as a Sports Activity Coupé (SAC) by BMW Automobiles. This car combines the features
of an SUV with high ground clearance - all wheel drive - and all-weather driving ability.

While the X6 being longer and wider than the old X5, it is much lower and initially available with only four seats,
and since 2011, with optionally five seats. First BMW X6 cars were released for the North American segment in 2
variants, powered by twin-turbocharged engines, running on gasoline.

It was announced a hybrid version of the X6 - the Concept X6 ActiveHybrid, which will be the first such vehicle
from the German car maker. Later, in 2009, was announced the sporty X6 M model, equipped with a 555 hp 4.4-liter
turbocharged V8 engine - which means lots of power.

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bmw x6 wallpaper     bmw x6 wallpaper image     interior bmw x6
Bmw x6 wallpaper Bmw x6 wallpaper image Interior bmw x6

red bmw x6 front picture     red bmw x6     wallpaper bmw x6 suv
Red bmw x6 front picture Red bmw x6 Wallpaper bmw x6 suv


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BMW X6 basic specifications:

Manufacturer: BMW
Production: 2008–present
Body style: 5-door liftback
Class: Mid-size luxury crossover SUV
Layout: Front engine; 2 Elektro-Synchronengines / four-wheel drive
Engine: 3.0L 306hp Twin T; 3.0L 235hp diesel; 3.0L 286hp diesel Twin T; 4.4L 558hp V8 Twin T

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