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Williams-BMW circuit car wallpapers. Pictures of BMW formula one cars - The BMW Sauber, F109 and
FW26 F1 car pictures. In 2009, BMW opted to leave Formula One, selling the F1 team to its orogonal founder,
Peter Sauber. In the summer of 2011, Williams stated they will unite with former engine supplier Renault who
will deliver the team's car engines from 2012 and beyond.


BMW F1 Nose View     BMW F1 Sauber     BMW F1 Williams Car
BMW F1 Nose View BMW F1 Sauber BMW F1 Williams Car

BMW F107 F1 Race Car     BMW F107 F1 Side View     BMW F109 Wallpaper
BMW F107 F1 Race Car BMW F107 F1 Side View BMW F109 Wallpaper

BMW Formula1 Photo     BMW Formula One Car     BMW Sauber F109
BMW Formula1 Photo BMW Formula One Car BMW Sauber F109

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About Williams-BMW F1 Racing:

Williams Formula One, is a British F1 racing division. It was formed and led by Sir Frank Williams and Patrick
Head. Williams' first F1 race was the 1977 Spanish GP. Williams started developing its own F1 cars from 1978.
Many renowned F1 drivers have competed for the Williams team, including Keke Rosberg; Alan Jones; Nigel
Mansell; Damon Hill; Jenson Button; Alain Prost; Ayrton Senna and Nelson Piquet.

Williams have conjuncted with many famous engine suppliers, most successfully with Renault: Williams gained
five of their nine constructors' titles helped by Renault engines. BMW has been involved in F1 since the inauguration
of the World Drivers' Championship in 1950. The BMW Sauber design lasted from 2006 until 2009.

After a ten-year gone-away from F1 arena, BMW considered a return in the late 1990s. In 1998, BMW accepted
to supply F1 engines to the Williams team. The last year of BMW's partnership with Williams, 2005, saw the team's
decline in competitiveness. None of the team's drivers were able to win an event.

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BMW Sauber Wallpaper     BMW Williams F1     BMW Williams FW26 Car
BMW Sauber Wallpaper BMW Williams F1 BMW Williams FW26 Car

F1 BMW Sauber 65     F1 Sauber BMW     Formula One BMW Car
F1 BMW Sauber 65 F1 Sauber BMW Formula One BMW Car


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