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BMW M5 modern muscle car wallpaper collection pictures - Selection include BMW M5 muscle car wallpapers.
The F10 M5 model, M5 interior, instrument panel and rims pictures.


2012 BMW M5 V10     Blue BMW M5 V10     BMW F10 M5 Photo
2012 BMW M5 V10 Blue BMW M5 V10 BMW F10 M5 Photo

BMW M5 2011     BMW M5 Car Photo     BMW M5 Car Wallpaper
BMW M5 2011 BMW M5 Car Photo BMW M5 Car Wallpaper

BMW M5 Interior     BMW M5 Powerful Car     BMW M5 Instrument Panel
BMW M5 Interior BMW M5 Powerful Car BMW M5 Instrument Panel

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The BMW M5 Modern Muscle Car:

Fitted Engines: 3.6L I6; 3.8L I6; 4.4L V8 Twin-Turbo; 5.0L V8; 5.0L V10.

The BMW M5 is a high performance model of the BMW 5-Series vehicle. First unveiled at the 1984 Amsterdam
Motor Show, the first attempt of the M5 was hand-built based on the 535i body and a reworked BMW M1 engine,
being the fastest street-legal sedan in the world at the time of its debut.

Due to the longevity of its name and strong position at the top of BMW's midsize class, the M5 is still one
of the most famous sport sedans, despite fierce competition from Audi Quattro and Mercedes-AMG high-
performance tuning divisions.

The new M5 features the S63 biturbo 4.4L V8 with twin scroll turbocharging system - same as in the
BMW X5 M and X6 M versions, and the engine of the M5 is expected to have a power of 560 hp. On 15 June
2011, BMW unveiled some information about the F10 M5. Most of the unofficial information found on various
websites was proven to be right, for example that the car is fitted with an improved S63 engine.

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M5 V10 Muscle car     M5 V10 on The Road     BMW M5 V10 Picture
M5 V10 Muscle car M5 V10 on The Road BMW M5 V10 Picture

BMW M5 V10 Alloy Wheel     BMW M5 V10 Wallpaper     BMW M5 Wallpaper
BMW M5 V10 Alloy Wheel BMW M5 V10 Wallpaper BMW M5 Wallpaper


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