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BMW M3 modern muscle car wallpaper gallery - A gallery that provides quality BMW M3 wallpapers.
The M3 GTS model, G-Power engine picture, headlight and instrument panel photos.


2011 Blue BMW M3     BMW M3 Competition     BMW M3 Convertible Photo
2011 Blue BMW M3 BMW M3 Competition BMW M3 Convertible Photo

BMW M3 Coupe on Road     BMW M3 CRT 2012     BMW M3 Driving Wallpaper
BMW M3 Coupe on Road BMW M3 CRT 2012 BMW M3 Driving Wallpaper

M3 Front Wheel     M3 G-Power Engine     BMW M3 GTS Muscle Car
M3 Front Wheel M3 G-Power Engine BMW M3 GTS Muscle Car

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The BMW M3 Modern Muscle Car:

Fitted Engines: 3.0L I6, 3.2L I6 and 4.0L V8 engines.

The BMW M3 is a high-performance car model of the standard BMW 3 Series, developed by BMW's M
motorsport team. Improvements over the "regular" 3-Series cars include, and are not limited to - more powerful
and responsive engines, improved handling, suspension and braking, aerodynamic enhancements, and interior-
exterior details using with the M badge.

In time, the M3 and M5 have become the benchmark automobile against which most sport cars in its class
are compared, despite powerful competition from Mercedes-AMG and Audi Quattro divisions.

The M3 Carbon Racing Technology (CRT) was presented in June 2011 as a 2012 version. It features the same
engine as the GTS, but in opposite to the GTS coupe, the CRT is a saloon with navigation, high-quality audio
system and other options as standard features. Despite the luxury options, the car still weighs 45 kg less than
a standard M3 saloon. There will be only 67 cars of this kind produced, all numbered with a plaque on the

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M3 GTS Rear View     M3 Headlight Photo     M3 Instrument Panel
M3 GTS Rear View M3 Headlight Photo M3 Instrument Panel

BMW M3 Wallpaper     Red BMW M3     White BMW M3 Coupe
BMW M3 Wallpaper Red BMW M3 White BMW M3 Coupe


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