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High resolution BMW 760li luxury sedan photos. Beautiful wallpapers and pictures of the BMW 760li car -
The new BMW 760li luxury sedan car.


2010 BMW 760Li     2010 White BMW 760Li     Black BMW 760Li
2010 BMW 760Li 2010 White BMW 760Li Black BMW 760Li

BMW 760Li and Villa     BMW 760Li Black     BMW 760Li Engine
BMW 760Li and Villa BMW 760Li Black BMW 760Li Engine

BMW 760Li Front View     BMW 760Li Interior     BMW 760Li Logo Badge
BMW 760Li Front View BMW 760Li Interior BMW 760Li Logo Badge

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The BMW 760li Luxury Sedan:

In 2009, BMW announced plans for a 760Li, which will be BMW's top-of-the-line car version. The 760Li will be
fitted with a twin-turbocharged V12 engine capable of 544 hp, which will take the car from 0 to 62 mp/h in just
4.6 seconds. In 2010, AWD technology by BMW xDrive was available on the 7 Series cars.

In America, only the 750i, 750Li and 760Li were available from BMW dealers. The 730i, 730d, 740i, 740d TD
were available in other country markets.

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BMW 760Li Luxury Car     BMW 760Li on Road     BMW 760Li Photo
BMW 760Li Luxury Car BMW 760Li on Road BMW 760Li Photo

BMW 760Li Side View     BMW 760Li Wallpaper     White BMW 760Li
BMW 760Li Side View BMW 760Li Wallpaper White BMW 760Li


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