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Bat animal picture gallery. Quality photos of bats, funny bat, digital, hanging, sleeping,
halloween. On this gallery page you can download free quality pictures of bats.


bat background     bat logo     batman and bats
Bat background Bat logo Batman and bats

bats on the sky     bat wallpaper     digital bat desktop
Bats on the sky Bat wallpaper Digital bat desktop


digital bat wallpaper     flying bat bird     flying bat
Digital bat wallpaper Flying bat bird Flying bat

halloween bat wallpaper     hanging bat     sleeping bat
Halloween bat wallpaper Hanging bat Sleeping bat

Bat Animal Description:

The bat is the only flying mammal. He communicate by sharp sounds called ultrasonic
sounds that can't be heard by man. Bat wings are actually "hands." The wings are formed
by joining the fingers with a membrane. Has a quick bat and the zigzag flight.
It is a nocturnal animal that lives in caves and under bridges (preferably in dark).

In nightlife is very active and sleeps in the day hanging upside down.
There are approximately 1,100 species of bats worldwide, representing about twenty
percent of all mammal species that exist.

Bat Internet Resources:

Bat Conservation International

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