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Quality wallpapers gallery of the powerful Audi S8 luxury sedan. View and download Audi S8 widescreen
wallpapers for free - The new S8 luxury sedan car.


2013 Audi S8 Rear     2013 Audi S8 Side     Audi S8 2013
2013 Audi S8 Rear 2013 Audi S8 Side Audi S8 2013

Audi S8 2013 Wallpaper     Audi S8 and Villa     Audi S8 Car Wallpaper
Audi S8 2013 Wallpaper Audi S8 and Villa Audi S8 Car Wallpaper

Audi S8 Engine     Audi S8 Front Picture     Audi S8 Front Wheel
Audi S8 Engine Audi S8 Front Picture Audi S8 Front Wheel

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The Audi S8 Luxury Sedan:

The Audi S8 quattro sedan is a high-performance model of the German luxury car maker Audi's premium car,
the Audi A8. The S8, like all Audi "S" series, is equipped as standard with Audi's quattro 4WD traction system,
with the S8 having the Torsen-based full-time 4WD.

The S8 comes with subtle details to differentiate from its A8 "little" brother. The S8 interior features two-colour
leather sports seats and a widescreen display for the multi-media system. Other important options include the
"Advanced Parking" system, featuring a rearview camera, whose video is shown in real time on the colour monitor,
with helping digital lines which move in the same direction as steering wheel movements.

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Audi S8 Luxury Car     Audi S8 on Track     Audi S8 Top Side
Audi S8 Luxury Car Audi S8 on Track Audi S8 Top Side

Black Audi S8 Limo     Silver Audi S8 2013     White Audi S8 2013
Black Audi S8 Limo Silver Audi S8 2013 White Audi S8 2013


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