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Wallpapers of the new Audi Q7 - Powerful full-size 4x4 suv. Audi Q7 interior photos, tuned Audi Q7 and more pics.

  • audi q7 wallpaper

    Audi q7 wallpaper

  • audi q7 2011 suv

    Audi q7 2011 suv

  • audi q7 and mountains

    Audi q7 and mountains

  • audi q7 background

    Audi q7 background

  • audi q7 headlight

    Audi q7 headlight

  • audi q7 luxury suv

    Audi q7 luxury suv

  • audi q7 offroad

    Audi q7 offroad

  • audi q7 on snow

    Audi q7 on snow

  • audi q7 on snow

    Audi q7 on snow picture

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Some info about the Audi Q7:

The Audi Q7 is a full-size luxury crossover SUV first presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2005. The Audi Q7 production began in autumn of 2005 in Slovakia. It is the first SUV released by Audi, and was available for purchase from 2007.

The Q7 is designed more for on-road driving, and was not designed for serious off-road use where a transfer case is necessary. In an off road test made in Australia, the Q7 gained a kind of soft-roader achievement.

Although it does not feature a low-range transfer case, it is equipped with quattro permanent four wheel drive with a central differential locking, and an adjustable-height air suspension which greatly helps in off road driving.

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  • audi q7 picture

    Audi q7 picture

  • audi q7 quattro

    Audi q7 quattro picture

  • audi q7 v12 tdi silver

    Audi q7 v12 tdi silver

  • brown audi q7

    Brown audi q7

  • wallpaper audi q7 suv

    Wallpaper audi q7 suv

  • white audi q7

    White audi q7

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Audi Q7 basic specifications:

Manufacturer: Audi AG
Production: 2005—present
Body style: 5-door SUV
Class: Full-size crossover SUV
Layout: Longitudinal front engine, quattro permanent four-wheel drive
Engine: 4.2L V8 FSI; 3.6L VR6 FSI; 4.2L V8 TDI; 3.0L V6 TDI; 6.0L V12 TDI

Other online resources about the Audi Q7:

- About The Audi Q7 4.2 TDI
- Audi Production Plant in Bratislava

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