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Beautiful pictures of Aston Martin cars. Wallpaper gallery of Aston Martin motorsport racing cars - Aston Martin
DBR9, DBRS9, Vantage, DBR1, DBR4 and more Aston Martin wallpapers.


Aston martin dbrs9 2011     Aston martin zagato     Aston dbr9 race car
Aston Martin DBRS9 2011 Aston Martin Zagato Aston DBR9 race car

Aston dbr9 wallpaper     Aston martin dbr1 racer     Aston martin dbr4 car
Aston DBR9 wallpaper Aston Martin DBR1 racer Aston Martin DBR4 car

Aston martin dbr9 car     Aston martin dbrs9     Aston martin racing car
Aston Martin DBR9 car Aston Martin DBRS9 Aston Martin racing car

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Information About The Aston Martin Motorsport Division:

Aston Martin has produced bespoke sports cars for almost 100 years. The company began in 1913, when
founders Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford realised their desire to build distinctive, high quality sports cars that
were both exhilariating to drive and a beauty to behold. Martin regularly competed in hill climb races at Aston
Clinton, and a simple combination of the name of the event and the driver gave birth to one of the most famous
automotive marques.

They began to sell Singer automobiles. They were both good mechanics and Lionel was an amazing driver.
Martin was often seen racing at the near by Aston Hill Hillclimb races near Aston Clinton. In 1914 the two
started to build there own vehicles, and Aston Martin cars history started there.

Over time Aston Martin automobile company was bought by Ford, but In 2007, Ford sold 92% of Aston Martin
to the Aston enthusiast and CEO of Prodrive, David Richards. The sale once again sees the cherished marque
in British hands and being lead by true enthusiasts. Prodrive is the automotive technology and racing division
behind Astons racing program.

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Aston Martin sports car     Aston Martin V8 Vantage     Aston Martin Vantage racer
Aston Martin sports car Aston Martin V8 Vantage Aston Martin Vantage racer

Aston Martin Vantage     Aston Martin wallpaper     Red Aston Martin
Aston Martin Vantage Aston Martin wallpaper Red Aston Martin


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Notable Aston Martin Motorsports Car Models:

- Aston Martin DB3
- Aston Martin DBR9
- Aston Martin DBRS9
- Aston Martin AMR-One
- Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4

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- The History of Aston Martin

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