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Ascari A10 expensive car wallpaper - The Ascari A10 is one of the most most expensive, fastest and powerful
cars ever built. Interior and exterior car images.


Ascari A10 Car Desktop     Ascari A10 Car Wallpaper     Ascari A10 Expensive Car
Ascari A10 Car Desktop Ascari A10 Car Wallpaper Ascari A10 Expensive Car

Ascari A10 Image     Ascari A10 Interior     Ascari A10 Near Hotel
Ascari A10 Image Ascari A10 Interior Ascari A10 Near Hotel

Ascari A10 on Road     Ascari A10 Photo     Ascari A10 Picture
Ascari A10 on Road Ascari A10 Photo Ascari A10 Picture

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About The Ascari A10 - One Of The Most Expensive Cars:

Average Price in 2012: $650,000 USD

The Ascari A10 is a car made by the United Kingdom-based Ascari Cars company that was formed by millionaire
Klaas Zwart of Dutch origin. It is the third street-legal car built by Ascari Cars, after the Ecosse and KZ1 models,
naming it the A10 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the firm.

The A10 is fitted with a modified 5.0L BMW V8 engine capable of 625 bhp, mated to a 6-speed sequential manual
gearbox, with a regular manual transmission as an extras. The A10 chassis is made of carbon fibre materials like
the one found on the the KZ1, but with with revised bodywork and performance racing suspension.

Ascari plans to hand-assemble only 50 A10 cars at its own factory in Banbury, England.

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Ascari A10 Sports car     Ascari A10 Super Car     Ascari A10 Wallpaper
Ascari A10 Sports car Ascari A10 Super Car Ascari A10 Wallpaper

Black Ascari A10 Car     Parked Ascari A10     Yellow Ascari A10
Black Ascari A10 Car Parked Ascari A10 Yellow Ascari A10


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