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Al Pacino picture gallery. Pacino is a widely respected actor and movie director. Most known
for playing in mafia movies.


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Al Pacino Good Father Al Pacino Happy Al Pacino Mafiosso

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Al Pacino Photo Al Pacino Smiling Al Pacino Wallpaper

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Al Pacino Young Pacino Wallpaper Pacino Watching You

Al Pacino Short Biography:

Alfredo James Pacino on its real name. Born in April 25, 1940, Pacino is a great American
actor and film director. He is most known for playing mobster roles, like Michael Corleone
from The Godfather movie and Tony Montana from Scarface movie.

However, Pacino has also acting a few times for the good part of the law as a police officer,
detective or lawyer. Pacino made his biggest appearance when he was playing as Michael
Corleone in the year 1972, and this way he gained the Academy Award nomination.

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