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Abarth tuned cars pictures by Carlo Abarth. The Italian auto tuning kit designer with some of the best
performance and most beautiful build sports cars. Pictures of classic Abarth tuned cars.


500 abarth tuned     abarth 207A spider     abarth 750S spyder
500 abarth tuned Abarth 207A spider Abarth 750S spyder

abarth zagato rear view     abarth 750 zagato     abarth 1000 bialbero
Abarth zagato rear view Abarth 750 zagato Abarth 1000 bialbero

abarth monomille racing     abarth punto evo     classic fiat 500 1968
Abarth monomille racing Abarth punto evo Classic fiat 500 1968

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Brief History of Abarth Cars:

Carlo Abarth began his association with Fiat car manufacturer in the year 1952, his first built car was the Abarth
1500 Biposto. In the 1960s, Carlo Abarth was very successful, producing some of the best sports cars for racing,
with engines varying from 850cc to 2000cc, being a direct competitor with the well-known Porsche 904 and Ferrari
Dino racing cars.

More than building the popular Abarth racing cars, Abarth also developed and sold high-performance exhaust pipes.
Few years later, Abarth started to produce all kinds of tuning kits for a large variety of car types, but mainly for Fiat.
At that time there were many competitors in the auto tuning kits market, such as Giannini, but Abarth has dominated
the Italian tuning segment since 1960s. Abarth was also known for developing sports or racing cars in collaboration with Porsche and Simca.

All Abarth Assetto Corse, (limited edition) cars are produced in Turin, Italy, and are checked to the highest standards.
They are also subject to a shakedown and test at the Fiat Group proving ground for quality and performance assurance.

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fiat 131 abarth     fiat 500 abarth     fiat 500 abarth tuned
Fiat 131 abarth Fiat 500 abarth Fiat 500 abarth tuned

fiat abarth 124     fiat abarth 131     fiat abarth 850
Fiat abarth 124 Fiat abarth 131 Fiat abarth 850

fiat abarth 1000TC     history old fiat     old fiat wallpaper
Fiat abarth 1000TC History old fiat Old fiat wallpaper

panda abarth tuned car     red fiat abarth punto     white abarth punto evo
Panda abarth tuned car Red fiat abarth punto White abarth punto evo


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New Abarth Car Models:

- Abarth Punto Evo - Supermini 3-door hatchback
- Abarth 500 - City car 3-door hatchback
- Abarth 500C - City car cabriolet
- Abarth 500 SS
- Assetto Corsa Rally
- 695 Tributo Ferrari

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