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4x4 SUV Car Wallpapers Index Page - Here you can download sport utility vehicle wallpapers: 4x4 SUV cars suitable
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about when and how to use four-wheel drive system. Locking diferential articles, History of the 4x4 car and lots of more
4x4 information.

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Some info about the 4x4 / four-wheel drive (4WD) or all-wheel drive (AWD) systems:

For off-road driving is needed a transfer case with reduction gear, and then you will have 4HI (4 wheel drive and high
speed, fixed ratio of torque front / rear) 2HI (rear-wheel drive and high speed), 4LO (by reducing wheel drive, when you
climb the steep hills, you need torque on your wheels, fixed ratio of torque front / rear) and AWD (electronics decides
how torque is split both for front and back wheels, depending on driving conditions).

In this case, mechanical components are a serious thing, the most rudimentary transfer case is on Lada Niva.
Everything is manually controlled. The new models have an electric motor which change positions. Commands are
given by buttons or switches. Such a transfer case is found at the Mercedes G-Class, for example.

SUVs are built on variations of the same theme, 4x4. Here, a reduction gear is a rare thing, as there is a principle
that clutch does the rate of torque front / rear. The mechanical Torsen transfer case gives the torque where the wheel
is skidding. It's simple as that the system is mounted on the Passat's, Golf's, and Audi Quattro.

In conclusion, the best 4x4 solution does not exist. There are two principles and a lot of achievements.
It is needed lots of literature to conclude with what system you can get the best off-road performance.

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When to use 4x4 / center locking, diff. locking systems:

A FWD (front-wheel drive) car has certain advantages over 4WD (four-wheel drive) cars - is cheaper, saves space
and has a lightweight construction, can be successfully used in normal everyday situations.

Front-wheel drive plus auto locking is a great sporty combo, like the system found on the Ford Focus RS or Alfa
Romeo 147 Q2, for example.

4x4 traction is very good for those who live in mountain areas. Otherwise these types of cars are a huge waste of
costs. And all the tests reveal the same conclusion: if the car is not helped by appropriate tires, differences of a 4WD
car against a 2WD car are insignificant.

There are various 4x4 car types. Electronic controlled 4x4's in general does not consume very much fuel.
Permanent 4x4's can consume up to three liters extra per 100/KM, but those are the only effective 4x4 cars that can
help you in most difficult situations. Electronic controlled 4x4's doesn't help too much with the car's stability, and to
some people, this system sometimes can confuse. However, it is true that most of the time, electronically controlled
4x4 cars can get you out of troubles.

However, for serious off-road driving the preferred systems are the following order: 4x4 permanent, then FWD,
then electronically controlled 4x4, then RWD (rear-wheel drive) car in normal use. From most people conclusions,
RWD is a better choice than FWD cars.

For use on dry road, wet, ice or up to 30cm snow, these system's traction can be a great option compared with
a permanent 4x4 car:

AWC on Mitsubishi Lancer (Ralliart, Evo IX etc);
AWD on Subaru (Impreza, Legacy - Both Diesel);
4motion from VW (Passat CC Diesel);
Xdrive by BMW (X1, Series 3, Both Diesel).

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History of 4x4 vehicles:

The need for 4WD came when the first vehicle got stuck on muddy rural roads. In fact, hard navigable dirt roads were
normal in 1900's America, when just a very small percent of the roads were properly paved.

One of America's pioneers in 4WD systems, Otto Zachow, did his best. Zachow is credited with patenting America's
first practical steerable-driven front axle system back in 1908.

From the beginnings, the advantages of 4WD became a valuable gain. At first, it was an expensive option for the
standard 4x2 system. A typical old 4x4 were costing more than double the value of a standard 4x2 car. It wasn't until
just after WWII that a 4x4 started to be accessible and really practical for the regular citizens.

In 1824, Timothy Burstall and John Hill designed and built steam-powered four-wheel drive cars in England, featuring
front wheel brakes. In 1900, the first American 4x4 car appeared, developed by Charles Cotta, the car was powered
by a steam-powered engine that was equipped with a chain drive four-wheel drive system type.

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