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Nissan Armada sport utility vehicle car wallpapers. In this gallery you can find quality wallpapers of the
Nissan Armada off-road SUV, in 1280x800 pixel resolution.


nissan armada     2010 nissan armada suv     2010 nissan armada
Nissan armada 2010 nissan armada suv 2010 nissan armada

2011 nissan armada 4x4     2011 nissan armada     2012 black nissan armada
2011 nissan armada 4x4 2011 nissan armada 2012 black nissan armada

2012 nissan armada car     2012 nissan armada image     2012 nissan armada on road
2012 nissan armada car 2012 nissan armada image 2012 nissan armada on road

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Some info about the Nissan Armada:

Nissan Armada is a well-equipped full-size SUV vehicle. It has the same body-on-frame F-Alpha structure as the
Nissan Titan, Nissan Xterra, Nissan Frontier and Nissan Pathfinder.

The Armada has a 5.6L 317 hp V8 engine, a five-speed automatic transmission, and options for rear-wheel drive
or 4WD. The latest Nissan Armada Platinum model comes with a hard drive for storing music, and a Compact
Flash memory card reader.

In 2010, new changes were made for the 2011 Armada series, but lacking two trim levels and SE Off-Road lineup.
The base trim is now known as SV, the middle trim is now SL, and the top of the class trim is called Platinum.
The Nissan Armada Platinum edition features a power liftgate, and electrically controlled 3rd row seats.

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2012 nissan armada     black nissan armada     nissan armada 4x4 suv
2012 nissan armada Black nissan armada Nissan armada 4x4 suv

nissan armada 2008     nissan armada 2012 interior     nissan armada picture
Nissan armada 2008 Nissan armada 2012 interior Nissan armada picture


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Nissan Armada basic specifications:

Manufacturer: Nissan
Production: 2004–present
Body style: 4-door SUV
Class: Full-size SUV
Layout: Front engine, rear-wheel drive / four-wheel drive
Engine: 5.6L V8

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