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Lexus GX 460 SUV car wallpapers and photos. A gallery presenting pictures of the Lexus GX 460, interior,
on snow and exterior pictures.


lexus gx 460     lexus gx 460 family car     2010 lexus gx 460 on snow
Lexus gx 460 Lexus gx 460 family car 2010 lexus gx 460 on snow

2010 lexus gx 460 suv     2011 lexus gx 460 interior     2011 lexus gx 460 suv
2010 lexus gx 460 suv 2011 lexus gx 460 interior 2011 lexus gx 460 suv

2011 lexus gx 460     2011 lexus gx 460 wallpaper     2012 lexus gx 460 4x4
2011 lexus gx 460 2011 lexus gx 460 wallpaper 2012 lexus gx 460 4x4

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Some info about the Lexus GX 460:

The Lexus GX 460 is a mid-size SUV sold in North American and Eurasian markets. The SUV has similar
exterior design with the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, and is produced on the same body platform which also
power the 4Runner and FJ Cruiser by Toyota.

The Lexus GX 470 was presented in 2002, and released at the same time as the old competitor, the Lincoln
Aviator SUV. The design has welded steel body-on-frame elements, an electronically controlled five-speed
automatic transmission, and permanent 4WD with a center locking differential.

For the second generation model, the re-styled SUV continued with body-on-frame principle, full-time 4WD,
a high-low transfer case, and a Torsen brand center locking differential. The Kinetic Dynamic Suspension
System became a standard feature. The car is equipped with the new 4.6L V8 engine capable of 301 hp.

Lexus GX 460 has won various awards like the Four Wheeler of the Year in 2003 and 2004, and All-Star for
2003 in the Mid-Size SUV class.

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2012 lexus gx 460     black lexus gx 460     lexus gx 460 front view
2012 lexus gx 460 Black lexus gx 460 Lexus gx 460 front view

lexus gx 460 on road     lexus gx 460 silver     lexus gx 460 suv
Lexus gx 460 on road Lexus gx 460 silver Lexus gx 460 suv


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Lexus GX 460 basic specifications:

Manufacturer: Lexus (Toyota)
Production: 2002–present
Body style: 4-door SUV
Class: Mid-size SUV
Layout: Front engine / 4WD
Engine: 4.6L V8; 4.7L V8

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