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Land Rover Discovery car wallpapers. LR2, LR3 and the newest Land Rover Discovery LR4 generation
wallpapers. Interior, off-road and on the road LR pictures.


land rover discovery     2010 land rover discovery     2011 LR discovery interior
Land rover discovery 2010 land rover discovery 2011 LR discovery interior

2011 land rover discovery     2011 LR discovery wallpaper     2012 land rover discovery
2011 land rover discovery 2011 LR discovery wallpaper 2012 land rover discovery

land rover discovery 4x4 suv     land rover discovery 2011     land rover discovery background
Land rover discovery 4x4 suv Land rover discovery 2011 LR discovery background

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Some info about the Land Rover Discovery:

There have been 4 generations of this vehicle, which was first released in 1989. The current Discovery four is
marketed in North America as the LR4. The Discovery was at first available as a 3-door model and the 5-door
became available in the following year. Both models were equipped with five seats, with the possibility to have
two more seats placed in the boot compartment.

The Discovery 4, also named the LR4, is an updated version of the Discovery 3 generation. LR4 is using the
same Integrated Body Frame structure, the new LR4 has different front and rear lights and a re-designed front
grille and bumper. The D4 is the first Discovery car to feature Daytime Running Lights.

The D4 comes with two engines from Jaguar. The TDV6 Gen III is a 3-litre development of the 2.7-litre engine
used in the previously LR3. The new engine comes with advanced twin-sequential turbochargers for better

The D4 has various electronic devices from the Range Rover SUV series such as the 'Venture Camera'- video
cameras located in the front and rear bumpers which can display real-time video on the dashboard screen to
enhance visibility during off-road driving or while parking the car. Other electronic devices are intended to enhance
efficiency - the engine has a intelligent alternator that only charges the battery when engine load is low, this way
helping to reduce fuel consumption when the engine is on high load.

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LR discovery best suv     land rover discovery image     LR discovery near lake
LR discovery best suv Land rover discovery image LR discovery near lake

land rover discovery offroad     LR discovery on the road     land rover discovery tuned
Land rover discovery offroad LR discovery on the road Land rover discovery tuned


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Land Rover Discovery basic specifications:

Manufacturer: Land Rover
Production: 1989-present
Body style: 3-door SUV, 5-door SUV
Class: Mid-size SUV
Layout: Front engine, four-wheel drive
Engine: 2.0L I4; 2.5L TD I4; 3.5L V8; 3.9L V8; 4.0L V8; 4.4L Jaguar V8; 4.6L Rover V8; 5.0L Jaguar V8

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