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One of the most expensive cars - Ferrari 599XX expensive supercar wallpapers - Beautiful wallpapers of the
Ferrari 599XX luxury car. A beautiful Italian luxury sports car.


2010 Ferrari 599XX     Ferrari 599XX Car     Ferrari 599XX Expensive
2010 Ferrari 599XX Ferrari 599XX Car Ferrari 599XX Expensive

Ferrari 599XX Interior     Ferrari 599XX on Track     Ferrari 599XX Photo
Ferrari 599XX Interior Ferrari 599XX on Track Ferrari 599XX Photo

Ferrari 599XX Side View     Ferrari 599XX Sports Car     Ferrari 599XX
Ferrari 599XX Side View Ferrari 599XX Sports Car Ferrari 599XX

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About The Ferrari 599XX - One Of The Most Expensive Cars:

Average Price in 2012: $2 million USD

The 599XX is a high-performance sports car intended for track use only and is not a street-legal car, the car is
based on the 599 GTB version. The rev limiter is raised to 9000 rpm, with the engine output power of "only" 720
hp. Weight is reduced by re-thinking engine unit components placement, and use of composites and carbon-fiber
materials. A new gearbox with shift ability is adopted to lower overall gear change time to as low as 60 ms.

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Ferrari 599 XX V12 Engine     Ferrari 599 XX Wallpaper     599 XX Car Wallpaper
Ferrari 599 XX V12 Engine Ferrari 599 XX Wallpaper 599 XX Car Wallpaper

599 XX Front Wheel     Red Ferrari 599 XX     Ferrari 599 XX Rear View
599 XX Front Wheel Red Ferrari 599 XX Ferrari 599 XX Rear View


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